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Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) are an important and vital part of the public educational system in Colorado. The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of the role of BOCES and the services they provide districts and students across Colorado.

BOCES services are those needed by children, their families, and school personnel, which can be more efficiently provided across school districts; examples of such services are provided on pages 4-5 of the Colorado BOCES Brochure. Better understanding of the process will potentially emphasize the important contributions of BOCES to the educational system of Colorado.

Colorado’s BOCES (or Educational Services agencies) are unique in that they are an extension of the local member school districts. A BOCES in Colorado exists at the discretion of its members and provides only those programs and services authorized by its members.

BOCES exist to supply educational services to two or more school districts that alone cannot afford the service, or find it advantageous and cost-effective to cooperate with other districts. These services represent a financial commitment that is best met by several districts sharing costs and programs. In some instances, BOCES also operate as Special Education Administrative Units, in which Colorado Revised Statutes require a minimum number of students or participants in order to qualify.
It is the mission of the Boards of Cooperative (Educational) Services (BOCES) to promote, lead, and support cooperative and collaborative efforts to maximize the educational opportunities of Colorado’s learners by serving as a voice for BOCES across Colorado, providing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, advocacy, research, and promotion of BOCES knowledge, products, and services.
The Colorado BOCES Association is made up of twenty-one (21) BOCES.  The 21 BOCES are governed by an appointed board of locally elected school board members.  The local BOCES also utilize a Superintendent’s Advisory Council to advise the BOCES staff and Board of Directors. 
The Colorado BOCES Association, in alliance with the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA), believes that educational service agencies (ESAs) provide leadership to help all students reach high standards of performance.  BOCES provide high quality, cost-efficient regional services in Colorado. Therefore, the Colorado BOCES Association promotes and supports the following premises:
  • BOCES are created by school districts and are closer to the districts and their schools than are State Education Agencies (SEAs), regional educational laboratories and universities.
  • BOCES are best positioned to assist districts with professional development and technical assistance to support improved student achievement.
  • The role of BOCES has been identified in state and federal law and recognized by the Colorado State Legislature, Colorado State Board of Education and the Colorado Department of Education as a Local Education Agency (LEA), thus BOCES can effectively carry out the regional leadership role in ensuring equity and access to programs and services for students in Colorado.
  • BOCES must be eligible to receive funding from all federal and state education formulas and grants, with the support of their member districts, in order to carry out federal, state and local education initiatives.
  • The Colorado BOCES Association believes that all students benefit from high quality academic and career/technical opportunities.


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eNet Learning

Educational Initiatives

eNetLearning in collaboration with the Colorado BOCES supports small rural districts and their BOCES in a number of statewide and local Educational Initiatives.

Colorado Digital Learning Solutions

About CDLS

Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS), a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been awarded a statewide contract as the state supported provider of supplemental coursework for Colorado students. Monies for this contract was appropriated in the CRS 22-5-119 legislation. And, the goal of CDLS is to use these funds to build a sound, self-sustaining supplemental model for students and schools in Colorado.

Through this contract, CDLS will provide expanded supplemental course offerings for middle and high school to support credit retrieval, credit advancement, and curriculum enhancement options for Colorado students. Courses are supported by a successful, research-based student support model that includes collaboration among highly qualified and state-certified online teachers, school-based site coordinators, and a strong CDLS leadership team.

Colorado Association of School Boards
CASB represents and advocates for more than 1,000 school board members and superintendents statewide to groups both within and outside the K–12 education community. CASB provides services, information and training programs to support school board members as they govern their local districts. Membership benefits and solutions are designed to enhance school board effectiveness and help board members increase their knowledge, boost their efficiency and connect with their communities.
Colorado Department of Education
Through setting a clear vision for increasing student performance, CDE continually supports the advancement and improvement of the state’s education system to prepare all learners for success in a rapidly changing global workplace.
Learn More about CDE | State Board of Education 
Assured Partners Colorado

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Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies

The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) is a multi-state non-profit organization made up of Educational Service Agencies / political subdivisions organized through a Memorandum of Understanding between all participating states. We are a true “cooperative” who serves to leverage purchasing power to benefit all schools and agencies, regardless of size, with the ability to purchase at equal buying levels.

Colorado Education Association
Taking the lead so every student thrives.  The Colorado Education Association works collectively to provide the best public education for every student.
Colorado Education Initiative - AKA Colorado Legacy Foundation

The Colorado Legacy Foundation has been a funnel of Gates money to Colorado schools and it holds the strings that came with that money. Now, the Foundation has changed its name.

It is a tactic that we have seen regarding the standards, the funders, and the initiatives. But it’s nothing we can’t keep up with.

New name, same $22 million from Gates, same data collecting, psycho- metricsocial emotionalHuman Capital, teacher evaluating, common core (Next Generation), capacity building corporation

Associaton of Educational Services Agencies

AESA Supports ESAs Nationwide

The Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA) is a professional organization serving educational service agencies (ESAs) in 45 states; there are 553 agencies nationwide with hundreds of thousands of staff members. AESA is in the position to reach well over 80% of the public school districts, over 83% of the private schools, over 80% certified teachers, and more than 80% non-certified school employees, and well over 80% public and private school students. Annual budgets for ESAs come to $14.7 billion. AESA’s membership is agency wide and includes all ESA employees and board members.

Colorado Rural Schools Alliance

About the Alliance

The Mission of the Colorado Rural Schools Alliance is to provide a structure through which rural school districts and community members can unite in their efforts to increase the opportunities available to Colorado’s rural students and communities.

Colorado Association of School Executives
The mission of CASE is to empower Colorado education leaders through advocacy, professional learning and networking to deliver on the promise of public education.
Founded in 1969, CASE has a rich history of leadership. The association is a solid, effective, and viable organization that is valued by its members for high-quality professional development, advocacy for the profession and public education, legal assistance, and networking opportunities.
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