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The Colorado BOCES Association has signed a MEAA USA Final Draft APPROVED CO BOCES on behalf of all of the Colorado BOCES Association member BOCES and member schools. This is the first such alliance formed with Microsoft that represents an entire state and brings a number of great benefits and support from Microsoft to all of our schools. Many of the great resources included in the MEAA were based on the conversation Microsoft held with BOCES members and member schools in the Fall of 2009.

For more information, contact our Microsoft Representative, Chris Galli –


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Contact us now at (888) 652-2848

ActivClassroom is a 360-degree, classroom technology-enabled learning environment comprising interactive white boards, Learner Response Systems, software, training, professional development and resources all proven to
improve educational results.

Promethean provides special programs and resources for Education Service Agencies.  This includes access to online training and product updates.

For more information regarding opportunities specifically designed for CO BOCES contact:

Debbie Murmylo
Director Educational Alliances

Liberty Mutual Insurance

As a member of CBA, you could save up to 10% on auto insurance and 5% on home insurance. Getting a quote is fast and easy by calling 888-323-1207.

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School Fusion Partnership

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Colorado BOCES & SchoolFusion PartnershipBringing your district and schools SchoolFusion’s services at a reduced rate

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BOCES and SchoolFusion Partnership Information

With our unprecedented fiscal crisis, it’s important for our districts not to ignore their websites as the important communication platform they need to be. Please consider that SchoolFusion is a cost-neutral solution. It is no surprise that many schools are experiencing budget cuts. But you might be surprised to know that SchoolFusion can ease this burden by eliminating some of your current costs and giving you the ability to reallocate those funds for other needs. Imagine how much you currently spend on servers, IT resources, third-party teacher pages, student pop email, district-wide calendaring, document storage, printing, paper and ink. A SchoolFusion web presence actually replaces these expenses and is up to 85% eRate eligible.

Think outside the box!  Let your or their websites generate income. SchoolFusion offers a sponsorship tool that allows districts to sell Sponsorship space on their websites.  For example, Prince William County Public Schools in Virginia has generated well over $100,000 this year by providing a small amount of community Sponsorship space on their site.  Just one ad will more than cover the annual cost of a SchoolFusion site.  Currently we are offering our sponsorship tool at no additional cost!  This tool can also used in a fund raising capacity as well.

You can’t go wrong with SchoolFusion. Third party research proves our website usage rates are consistently higher than our competitors and year after year industry experts award SchoolFusion with the highest accolades; most recently 2009 Technology & Learning Award of Excellence. Currently we are finalists for two prestigious CODiE awards from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), in the categories of Best Education Solution and Best Education Community Solution.