Schutt Sports Supplies/Kranos Corp

Contact: Rebecca Haworth
Work Phone: (217) 324-2712 ext: 2422

For 100 years, Schutt has created innovative and protective equipment for athletes around the world.  Schutt Sports has been in business since 1918.  Schutt Sports has been manufacturing and supplying football protective equipment to public education and private entities since 1935.  Schutt Sports began producing football helmets in 1987, and has been a leader in the industry since.  Schutt Sports builds gear for players and is committed to developing the most innovative and technologically advanced gear in sports.

Leading Sporting Equipment provider of the following items:

  • Football helmets
  • Football Shoulder Pads
  • Chinstraps
  • Football Protective Apparel
  • Mouth Guards
  • Wrist Coaches
  • Batting Helmets
  • Bases
  • Team Training Aids

Bid #018.5 B recommended for approval in April 2018.  Contract and extensions possible through March 2022.

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