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Colorado Sales Contact: Pat O’Connor
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Why We Exist:

We are passionate about improving the listening environment for every child.  We believe this will strengthen the connection between teachers and students which is at the heart of learning.

Lightspeed excels at applying the innovative technology in order to design intuitive, effective classroom audio solutions.  These easy-to-use audio systems deliver optimum speech intelligibility, overcome classroom noise and provide crystal clear sound to all students regardless of where they may be seated or where the teacher may be standing.  Teachers report reduced vocal fatigue, improved classroom management, and increased academic performance without changing curriculum or teaching methods.

How Our Products Make a Difference:

Lightspeed audio tools provide solutions for better listening and sharing.  Teachers receive critical insights into individual progress for real-time assessments.  Our Access, Redcat and Topcat products utilize a series of exciters that apply sound energy directly to our unique sound panels “exciting” the voice signal.  Since the energy from the exciters is transferred to the surface of the flat panel, every point across the panel radiates the sound – distributing it evenly throughout the classroom.  The high frequencies of the human voice, so easily lost amid classroom noise, come through clearly and intelligibly so every child hears (and understands!) every word.What

Kind of Service Can Customers Expect: 

Lightspeed’s local classroom audio consultants are experienced professionals dedicated to improving the learning environment for all children and providing superior customer service.  We provide teacher in-service at no additional cost to BOCES members.