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Partac Peat  Corporation   (Beam Clay)

Partac Peat Corporation is a family owned business established in 1963 and is deeply committed to providing quality service and products. We are the manufacturer of the BEAM CLAY® product line. BEAM CLAY® is the brand of infield materials that have been recognized as the standard of excellence from bulk plants nationwide for baseball/softball infields for many years. In addition to infield mixes we supply thousands of other sports products including bases, wall padding, windscreen, ball netting, rain covers, batting practice covers, maintenance/infield grooming tools, and more!

We now carry the full line of Eraser Drag Mats — one of the most sought after field grooming devices made in decades! Unlike standard metal drags, it works well in wet soil conditions and will not accumulate infield material, keeping your playing sur-face level and safe. Percolates and dries your material like traditional steel drags.  Will not cake up with infield material like traditional steel drags. Safe for your mound and home plate areas and will not harm grass. Safe enough to groom synthetic turf surfaces, yet tough enough to provide a nice finish on your warning track.

Interested in old time leisure games?  We’ve got you covered!  Natural surfaces for Tennis, Bocce, Horseshoes (blue-gumbo clay), Cricket & More!

Visit our AEPA website ( to find out more about these products:

  • Regional Infield Mixes, Mound Clays, Home Plate Clay, Warning Tracks, Top-Dressing, Diamond Dry, Infield Conditioners
  • On-Deck Circles
  • Infield Grooming Equipment
  • Batting Practice
  • Portable Pitching Mounds
  • Bases, Home Plates, Pitching Rubbers, Anchors
  • Dry Line Marking Materials & Equipment
  • Wet Line Marking Materials, Equipment & Stencils
  • Marking Systems & Tape Measures
  • Foul Poles
  • Rain Covers:  Mound, Home Plate, Full Field
  • Water Removal Equipment & Drainage Systems for Natural Turf Areas
  • Water Hoses & Facilities Supplies
  • Aluminum Benches, Scorer’s & Picnic Tables
  • Aluminum Bleachers
  • Chain Link Winged Backstops
  • Backstop, Wall, Rail & Post Padding
  •  Fence Guards, Corrugated Fence Topper, Poly-Cap, Fence Crowns, Safety Top Caps, Foam Guards, Rail Padding
  • Windscreen, Distance Banners, Dugout Shelters, & Backdrop Protectors
  • Windscreen, Distance Banners, Dugout Shelters, & Backdrop Protectors
  • Windscreen, Distance Banners, Dugout Shelters, & Backdrop Protectors
  • Ball & Barrier Netting / Ball Stopper Systems
  • Fencing – Portable & Safety
  • Golf / Turf Top-Dressings, Divot Repair Mixes, and Landscape Products
  • Artificial Turf for Batting Tunnel Mats, Dug-out Areas, Walkways
  •  Bocce Courts: Natural Clay & Fast-Dry Surfacing
  • Cricket Pitch Clays
  • Equestrian Surfacing / Premium Bedding
  • Football & Soccer Fields: Turf Protection: Turf Blankets, Sideline Covers, Track Protection
  •  Horseshoe & Quoit Pit Clays
  • Playground Surfacing
  • Tennis Courts: Natural Clay & Fast-Dry Surfacing
  •  Har-tru Tennis Court Accessories: Ball Gear, Court Maintenance, Court Seating
  • Natural Running Tracks, Long Jump Pit Sands, Shotput Sector Surfacing
  • Volleyball Sands
  • Gym Floor Protection, Gym Mats, Wall Padding, Gym Divider Curtains
  •  Natural Pathway Mixes
  •  Natural Dog Park Surfacing



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One Kelsey Park | Great Meadows, NJ  07838

800.247.BEAM [2326], 908.637.4191, Fax 908.637.8421

Bid Documents and Contract Length.  Bid #018.5 recommended for approval April 2018. Contract and Extensions possible thru March 2022.