Techline Sports Lighting

Contact: Steve Jones, Tammi Berry
Work Phone: (800) 500-3161
Colorado Sales Contact:
Jim “JT” Thomas
Phone:  316-253-4530

From design to installation, your Techline representative partners directly with you and your team to manage everything from concept, installation, and beyond.  Sports Lighting is our ONLY business and our team is committed to exceeding your expectations.  Techline provides the highest quality lighting systems at the  most competitive prices.  Choose the latest in LED sports lighting technology for the ultimate in engineering innovation.  HDTV quality, precision lighting, remote controlled monitoring, reduced installation cost and 50-75% energy savings are just some of the benefits of TSLED Sport LED.  At Techline Sports Lighting, we bring our best game….to light!

Bid Documents and Contract Length
Bid #017  Bid recommended for approval in December 2016.  Contract and extensions possible through March 2021.
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