Creative Information Technology Inc.

Creative Information Technology Inc.
7799 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500N
Falls Church, VA 22043

Colorado Contact Information:

Virat Tiwari
7799 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500N
Falls Church, VA  22043


manageID and CrossMatch are committed to providing end to end biometrics-based identity solutions optimal to ensure safety and security of any system or facility.

Our products are:

  • Based on industry leading Identity Management technologies
  • Flexible and scalable to meet any size operation
  • Easily integrated with existing systems
  • Simple to use

Our live scan system is a secure and standards based solution ideal for:

  • Performing background checks on employees, contractors and volunteers
  • Secure and Simple Visitor Access Management
  • Easier and Safer Sign In/Out procedures
  • Monitoring daily attendance
  • Efficient and discrete lunch lines