Facility Solutions Group

Facility Solutions Group is a leading single-source provider of lighting, electrical, energy, signage, and technology solutions, operating across all fifty States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  As one of the largest lighting distributors in the country, FSG sells most major brands of lighting, and they are included in our agreement with CBA/AEPA.

LED Lighting Materials – As one of the largest lighting distributors in the United States, FSG gives you access to most major brands at competitive CBA/AEPA contract prices.

To place your orders, you can:

  • Email your orders to us at AEPA@fsgi.com
  • Call us at (855) 642-1109

Bernie Erickson – General Inquiry/Contract – see info above

Barbara Novak – Pricing Request – see info above

Dynalee Corona – Delivery/Invoicing – see info above

Facilities Solutions Group – 855-642-1109 – www.FSGi.com

Bid Documents and Contract Length:  Bid 2018 – B –  “LED Lighting”  Recommended for Approval  December 2017. Contract and Extensions possible through March 2021.