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Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. offers all of the following services for our customers:

Roofing recommendations, budgeting and timetables.

To best serve the needs of our customers we intend to provide the best and safest possible roofing products and services available today.  We are sincerely concerned about total customer satisfaction.  We believe our products and services are the best in the world.  We are dedicated to quick response to our customers when problems and emergencies arise, not just a quick fix.  We are also dedicated to logical, long-term solutions of both major and minor roofing problems.  Our laboratories use the best available technicians to assist in the development and provision of the world’s finest roofing products, as well as the solution to specific roofing issues and problems.

Products and Services offered:

  • Complete Construction Management services offering turnkey projects for new roofing or roof restoration and replacement.
  • Visual analysis and inspection of all roofing to assist in the long-term maintenance of roofing on all buildings.
  • Scientific analysis and diagnosis of roofing problems, and solutions
  • Maintenance, patch and Repair of existing roof assets.
  • Moisture Analysis of the deck, vapor retarder, insulation and roof membrane.
  • Collection of historical information for purposes of the roof management program.
  • Consulting with building owners on the best strategies to use in the care and maintenance of their roofing asset
  • Training of member personnel in roof management methods, and OLI software usage.
  • Training of member personnel in roof repair and maintenance.
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance including scheduled housekeeping activities, repairs and preventive repairs, inspections after major storms.
  • Emergency leak rapid response through the use of an emergency 800 number.
  • Asbestos and material testing.
  • Non-destructive infrared and other testing for moisture.

To insure AEPA pricing or for estimates, contact your field manager or any sales representative or order directly through our Western Division office at 253-770-6228, or or   

Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.Colorado Sales

Contact. Regina Martino, 651-436-2440, or 651-323-7431



Bid Documents and Contract Length:

Bid 017 – Bid recommended for approval in December 2016.  Contract and Extensions possible through March 2021.